Conductive ABS - 1 Kg antistatisches Filament

Conductive ABS - 1 Kg antistatisches Filament

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This special ABS filament is electrically conductive. It´s ABS blended with carbon fibre with a unique low sheen finish.

The conductive ABS can be used for antistatic sheilding, has excellent mechanical strength, impact resistance and high flow creep resistance as well as low temperature resistance.

Print temperature 230°C - 260°C
Requires a heated build platform.

Conductive filament can be used for eliminate static electricity, it can performace excellent on anti-static electricity. It apply widely as anti-static turnover box , IC and LCD trays, IC packaging, wafer carriers, film bags etc. in the field of integrated circuits, chips, sensors and other sophisticated electronic components, semi- conductive shielding material in medium and high voltage cables , and so on.

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